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Gospel Light is very excited to present our All New Elementary Sunday School for Grades 1 through 4! Our lessons are crafted with the deep conviction that life change occurs when a child develops a close relationship with Jesus Christ; and like a Scarlet Thread, our lessons help children make the connection that Jesus is revealed throughout the entire Bible.

But making a difference in kid's lives requires more than a great curriculum. It is taking the time to invest in the life of a child. That's why we believe that one of the most important things we can do is create easy-to-use tools so your leaders can focus on what really matters: Building meaningful relationships with children and families that lead kids to Jesus.

Please take a few moments to look through the sample provided. Not only are the leader's guides clear and easy to follow, they incorporate some new and exciting features. Consider having a teacher use this sample lesson one Sunday and gauge their feedback. We are confident you will hear a good report!

Easy to Teach
Our new three point approach makes lessons clear and engaging for kids and easy for teachers to prepare and lead.

  • Get Thinking: Prepares children to begin thinking about the week's "Big Idea," and sets the stage for God's Word.
  • Get in God's Word: Students familiarize themselves with the weekly section of the Bible, discovering Jesus' presence in each passage.
  • Get Talking: Kids engage personally with God's Word through conversation, and discover how God's story can come alive in their daily lives.

    Teachers will find that the Big Idea concepts placed throughout the lessons, activities and conversations will present the unified message of God's great love, and provide effective emphasis for the week's topic.

    With exciting new media, flexible formatting, and uniform elementary curriculum, Gospel Light Sunday school offers churches of all sizes an opportunity to provide solid Bible content and present Jesus to the next generation!

    Vibrant, colorful posters depict the weekly Bible story in a compelling way. Each poster is 11 x 17-inch size for easy handling and storage.

    Easy to Learn
    Our KidTalk Cards have been sized for easy fit into a kid's Bible. These are your weekly classroom lesson sheets for students. KidTalk Cards come padded for 5 kids per quarter. Just peel off what you need. Talk about a time-saver!

    The Family Fridge Fun take-home sheets go right on the family's fridge to provide review of the weekly "Big Idea" and suggest fun ways for families to get into the Word. A perfect way to connect church and home! Family Fridge Fun comes padded for 5 kids per the quarter.

    Each parent can also sign-up for our HomeLight weekly email. Delivered every Monday, HomeLight reinforces Sunday's lesson at home with simple ideas and activities that parents easily blend in with daily activities.

    The Technical Details
    Beginning with Fall 2011 Gospel Light has updated the scope and sequence allowing grades 1-4 to study the same lesson. We believe this new scope & sequence will make teaching and learning the Bible less overwhelming, yet still provide the critical overviews that you have come to expect from Gospel Light. With this new dated approach children will experience the most trusted Bible teaching in fresh and easy to understand format.

    Sunday School grades 1&2 and 3&4 are packaged in classroom Kits. These kits contain everything you need to teach a class of 10 children for $99.00 per quarter. Additional components will be sold for larger class sizes. Pricing for addition components to be determined.

  • Give Me Jesus CD Sampler

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