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Simple Passion
You Can Come Alive Too

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HeartBURNWhich Kind do you experience more often?
True believers have bumped up against God almost by mistake. If we are intentional about anything "religious" it likely involves attending, serving, and behaving. The few ad proud give a little more and memorize bible verses. The truly elite go on mission trips.
The point is that spiritual life doesn't come naturally to us. Eternal impact is even more elusive. Most of us have even fallen prey to HeartFAILURE. We obey the script demanding conformity to moral code and busying ourselves with noble effort. The result?
HeartBREAK. The heart is ignored... we are passionless. What can't be drummed up, though, is a gift given generously, and the cultivated through practice and freedom of failure! Life's process offers authentic and deepening intimacy with the King, and a white-hot passion for the increase of His kingdom.
Jesus' intention was that we'd live in grace and power; truth and freedom; the invisible and eternal. Since it does not come naturally, we invite you to 4 life-giving practices that massage the heart back to life. These time-tested practices will change you forever. Even better they will change you today!
Jesus' "passion" -- the laying down of his life -- was as intentional as any single event in history. Its life giving nature and power is our only hope. Now Judy invites you to be intentional about your heart, practicing these four life-giving practices, the result which is simple: YOU TOO CAN COME ALIVE.

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